Thread Lock

Threadlock anaerobic adhesives are applied in liquid form and cures in the absence of air. The primary function is to seal the space between threaded metals parts. After curing it provides a strong adhesive bond to secure against loosening from shock and vibration. It also acts as a sealant to seal the threads from leakage, and prevent rust and corrosion. Threadlock is available in a selection of viscosity and adhesive strength.

ESRON ET42 (6ml)


ESRON NUT LOCK 6242 is a removable anaerobic thixotropic threadlocker of medium strength and medium viscosity. Designed for general fastening application to metric or conventional sizes of nuts and bolts from 1/4" to 3/4" diameter. It does not migrate or drip after assembly due to the special designed lubricating properties. Medium strength allow disassembly for service and repair. Used on gear box, drive shalf, hydraulic system bolts, low strength bearing mounts, counter sunk screw, conveyor or roller bolts and construction equipment. Color coded blue.

Code ET42
Packing 6ml


ESRON STUD & BOLT LOCK 6271 is a green colored medium to high strength and medium viscosity for general purpose permanent threaded fasteners. Excellent chemical resistant and fuels resistant. Used to prevent vibration, loosening of bolts, screws and studs up to 1" in diameter. Heat may be required to disassembly the part. Ideal application for valve sets, fasteners on vibrating machines, automotive suspension bolts, refrigeration plant, transmission and engine block studs.

Code ET71
Packing 6ml
ESRON EG1 (3g)


ESRON SUPER GLUE A new formulated super glue with fast setting, strong bonding strength, high flow-ability and good penetration characteristics. Ideal application for most non-porous surfaces such as rubber, metals, plastics, ceramic and wood.

Code EG1EE4C
Packing 3g28.4g