With today's advanced technologies, car manufactures are constantly developing new engines and this has lead to the demand for special and innovative gasket needs. ESRON® has been continuously offering various superior quality gasket makers to meet end users' high expectation. These include exceptional performance in oil and fluid resistance, high torque application, sensor safe, non-corrosive and low odor characteristics. ESRON® at all times will have the right gasket maker for your needs.


Our epoxy series is specially designed for heavy duty, industrial and construction uses. It provides a strong bond instantly and achieves full strength within 24 hours. It can be drilled, sanded and tapped.


An all purpose and versatile industrial performance lubricant spray that works well on metals, rubber, wood, glass, painted surfaces and other substances. ESRON® 4D penetrates quickly to loosen corroded nuts, bolts, fastener screws and sliding parts. It also works as a rust inhibitor and moisture retardant to protect and lubricate practically every mechanical parts and component. Recommended Applications: Multi purpose lubricant for household, office and industries use.


Threadlock anaerobic adhesives are applied in liquid form and cures in the absence of air. The primary function is to seal the space between threaded metals parts. After curing it provides a strong adhesive bond to secure against loosening from shock and vibration. It also acts as a sealant to seal the threads from leakage, and prevent rust and corrosion. Threadlock is available in a selection of viscosity and adhesive strength.


ESRON® Oil Treatment series is specially designed to protect, enhance performance, clean and improve fuel economy for all kinds of engines. ESRON® Fuel Treatment series is professionally engineered to improve fuel economy, keep engine fuel system clean and reduce maintenance and repair costs.


ESRON® engine oil series is professionally engineered to lubricate moving parts, cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing, and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts.